Nikma Engineering was created to help companies and individual customers to develop their own electronic devices. To help upgrade the circuitry of already existing devices and to connect the customer and the manufacturer, in case of mass production.

Our company consists of a professional team of electronic engineers, programmers, project managers who are ready to solve complex problems, making them as easy as possible for customers. We work using elements of project management systems Scrum, Kanban for clarity of planning and reporting system to the customer. The Nikma Engineering team has a wealth of experience in designing electronic devices and individual engineering solutions, both for large companies involved in serial production of their products and for customers with unique projects.

Our specialists have experience in creating IOT devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data transfer. In addition, we have rich experience in the development of microwave equipment.

Developments are carried out both according to the technical requirements of the Customer, and according to the specifications we have prepared, in which we jointly take into account all the features of the future project.
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Answers to the most frequent questions that will help you choose our company:

Order an electronic device development - simple!

Projects of what complexity are we ready to implement?
Our engineers are ready to develop a project of almost any complexity.
Do you need a professional technical requirement to accept the order?
At the time of contacting Nikma Engineering, the technical requirement is desirable, but not necessarily. If the Customer does not have a technical requirement, we will develop it together, taking into account all the features of the project and the wishes of the Customer.
What is the cost and timing of the works?
Only after drawing up and deep analysis of the technical requirement, our specialists will be able to tell the actual timing and cost. The cost of the project depends first of all on the time spent on its design. The more complex and large-scale the project is, the more expensive and the longer it will be executed. We always try to make a project as fast as possible, but not at the expense of quality.
Can the Customer control the progress of work?
Of course! Depending on terms of the project design once a week, or more often we provide the customer with all information on current progress and update the terms of completion of works. If there are any difficulties in development that can change the final terms, functionality or the cost price of the ready device, we immediately discuss the ways of their elimination with the Customer and find the most optimum variant.
Do we provide a warranty on the designed device?
The warranty for the completed project is 1 year from the date of its finish.
Do we reserve any rights to the designed project?
Sure, not. By signing the contract with the Customer, we necessarily indicate that upon completion of the project, all intellectual property is transferred to the Customer. Nikma Engineering does not claim any rights to the project, the results of its application or its serial production.
Do we guarantee the confidentiality and commercial secret of the project?
Yes, we do. Our team has been worked with different clients for years, and we understand the price of trade secrets. When signing the contract, we necessarily specify a clause on non-disclosure of any information about the Customer and the developed project. By consent of the Customer we can publish on the website, a text description of the project as a "portfolio". Without mentioning the titles, brands, names, technical details.