Cooperation with NIKMA Engineering

Nikma Engineering is always open for cooperation not only with potential customers but also with colleagues working in the electronic development market.

Everyone knows that it is better to earn less on one particular order than to lose a client.

We are ready to cooperate with individuals, private entrepreneurs and enterprises, acting as a subcontractor in the development of any project or its component.
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Contact us and we will work together

If you are engaged in the development of electronic devices, printed circuit boards, writing firmware for microcontrollers and providing other development services, but at the moment for some reason, you can't take on the project, you can contact us and we will gladly take over the necessary amount of work on mutually beneficial conditions.

If you are a supplier of electronic components, a company engaged in the design of cases, industrial design or other services related to electronics, and you receive requests for the development of the electronic component of the device - we are ready to act as the executor of these works. In dialogue with you, we will develop circuitry for the required case design and other customer requirements.
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