Nikma Engineering develops super high frequencies boards and devices

Working with microwave equipment requires an integrated approach in the development of production and debugging work. We provide a full range of these services:

- preparation of technical specifications;
- development of concepts;
- tracing of printed circuit boards;
- selection of components;
- development of cases (since the case is an integral part of microwave equipment that affects its operation);
- manufacture of test samples of printed circuit boards;
- production of test samples of cases;
- soldering and assembly of test devices;
- testing and debugging of test devices with subsequent transfer to the client.
разработка СВЧ оборудования
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Order development of high-frequency equipment
- high-frequency power amplifiers
- low noise microwave amplifiers
- frequency converters
- filters
- frequency synthesizers
- frequency converters
- microwave transmission - radio transmitters
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We are developing:
Each device operating with microwave frequencies is unique. We always debug each board in its case, to understand that a fully finished device will be left to the client.

Cases for microwave devices are manufactured in Ukraine at the facilities of our partners. Cases are made by milling from duralumin D16T (or European analogues). After that they are coated with bismuth alloy or undergo a sandblasting procedure.

You can familiarize yourself with our capabilities for ordering test samples and small industrial batches of boards in the corresponding section.
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To test and debug the operation of our microwave devices, we use reliable professional equipment, for example:

- Spectrum Analyzer 8563EC Agilent Technologies
- HP 8757D Scalar Network Analyzer
- Signal generator 10 MHz - 20 GHz WILTRON 68347B
СВЧ оборудование
- the mass of planned parties;
- the cost of the finished device;
- the convenience of operators soldering boards;
- equipment on which the boards in the series will be soldered;
- quality and durability of all electronic components;
- compliance with international standards applicable to electrical equipment.
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Our engineers are always aimed at creating an optimal and cost-effective device. When developing necessarily take into account:

Projects of the NIKMA Engineering team

RF probe
HF probe. It operates in the range 1.5MHz - 1.5GHz, designed to measure RF signals. Stable up to 1 GHz (unevenness of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of 8dB), above 1 GHz up to 1.5 GHz has an unevenness of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of up to 17 dB. It can be used by ham radio more for relative measurements and visualization of signals. Supply voltage 7 - 12 V.
High-frequency converter
(photo of an experimental sample)

Input 1500 - 2000 MHz. The first conversion to 8 - 8.5 GHz. The second conversion is 1100 - 1600 MHz. The total conversion factor is about 0 dB. Two supply voltages: 5 V with a consumption of 800 mA and 10 V with a consumption of 3 mA. Two local oscillators: the first operates at a frequency of 10,000 MHz, the second at a frequency of 6,900 MHz.
Frequency synthesizer
(photo of an experimental sample)

Frequency synthesizer on a dielectric resonator with a PLL loop. It has two outputs of 10 dBm of power. It can be used as a separate generator with a frequency of 9 750 MHz. You can tune to a frequency of 8 to 11 GHz. It can be used both as part of the converter, and separately as a generator if 2 outputs are needed.
Microstrip filter
(photo of an experimental sample)

The filter operates in the frequency range 11-11.5 GHz. The loss in the band is about 2 dB.
Converter for radio relay system
(photo of an experimental sample)

Converter for radio relay system in standard housing for a satellite dish. To transfer the Internet channel to the base station. Transmits with a frequency of 12 100 - 12 600 MHz. It has a tunable dielectric resonator.
Power amplifiers
(photo of experimental samples)

Designed to amplify the signal in the ranges up to 18 GHz. Output power up to 10 W.