It can be ordered as a package or separately, depending on the needs of the customer and the work specifics. Development stages consist of basic complexes of works:

Nikma Engineering offers a full range of services in an electronic device and circuit boards design

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PCB manufacturing
Development of high frequencies equipment
Developing the technical requirement
If you do not have ready technical requirements, we will compile it together, taking into account all the requirements of the project. At this stage, our specialists study the project in-depth, agree on all the nuances with the Customer, make sure that the Customer's and ours project vision is the same, that nothing is missing and the product at the output will meet the Customer's expectations. Upon a detailed study of the project and signing the technical requirement by the Customer we will be able to name its cost and timing.
Development of schematic circuits
Before the development of printed circuit boards, our engineers draw up and agree on a circuit diagram, so that in the early stages it would be possible to organize and coordinate with the customer the concept of the device.
Development of printed circuit boards
Before the start of developing of printed circuit boards, the dimensional sizes of the device, the device cost price, convenience of soldering of all elements (taking into account soldering methods), the convenience of mass release are necessarily considered.
Selection of electronic components
A selection of electronic components, we always consider the cost price of the device (which is influenced by the cost of components, cost of their soldering, delivery difficulties), reliability of components, durability, and availability in the market.
Production of prototypes (prototyping)
Having traced the board and determined the electronic components, we order test samples on which the firmware will be written and debugged and all tests will be conducted.
Software development of the device
Our programmers have extensive experience in writing firmware for microcontrollers with different functions and data transfer. Firmware for the device is usually written, taking into account all circuit solutions and selected components.
Carrying out tests
Only after successful testing of the device - we are ready to deliver the project to the Customer.
Preparation for mass production.
After fully passing all the tests, we are preparing the device for release. Depending on whether the release will be mass, we are preparing a board or multiplying it. We create Gerber files for the manufacturer and a list of requirements that must be taken into account when manufacturing boards. Lists of electronic components assembly drawings are created.
Compilation and transfer of a complete set of technical documentation.
When the project is finish, the Customer receives a full package of technical documentation for the device:
- technical requirement,
- board trace source files,
- lists of components,
- electrical circuits,
- Gerber files
- methodology and test results.
Assistance in the organization of mass production.
Not having our production facilities, our company has many years of experience and partnerships with Chinese manufacturers. In the first stages of launching a series of developed devices, we will help you to reach the manufacturer and place an order, taking into account all the requirements of a particular development.
Technical support of the project.
Progress does not stand still, the market is changing - the device manufacturer, sooner or later, will have to upgrade the device: switch to new types of components, expand the functionality of the device and so on. We are ready to lead our projects, providing technical support and advice. If necessary, we will take part in the modernization of the boards and their tests.